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– – – – – – 2014

Valery Ponomarev and the VPJBB AKA Our Father Who Art Blakey performing and recording at the world famous Dizzy’s Lincoln Center on August 14th.
Sets are 7:30 and 9:30 PM
Just came back from Hawaii, where I played every day from 23rd of June through 3rd of Aug at clubs in Honolulu, gave clinics and played at the 3rd Maui Jazz Festival with brilliant musicians: Tommy James, Derryl Pellegrini, Denny M, Robert Shinoda, Steve Jones, John Kalivos, Paul Marketti, Brian Cuomo, Mihoko Mayers  (vocal ), Michael Bono ……….
After playing at Dizzy’s I am off to Edinburgh, Scotland on Aug 16 , where I will be playing for a week at the  Jazz Bar, ranked number 1 of all of Scotland. Probably the best club of all of UK. Located … 1A Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1HR, Scotland. With Billi Kyle and the Edinburgh Quintet.
Back in the City on 25. On 27 I  am at the 76 House up in Schenectady.
September 3 – Opening of the new season with the VPJBB AKA “Our Father Who Art Blakey” at the world famous ZincBar.
On Sep 13 playing with the “We Remember Art” sextet ( Victor Jones, Mamiko Watanabe, Ruslan Khain, Peter Brainin and Stafford Hunter – all derivative of VPJBB ) at the Koktebel, Crimea Jazz Party Festival. 16 with the Moscow Messengers Big Band in Moscow, 18th at the world Famous Igor Butman Jazz Club with brilliant Moscow musicians Rodion Goborov, Vladimir Koltdov-Krutov, Pavel Timofeev and Azat Bayazitov.
Returning to NYC on Sep 19 .
– – – – – –
Zinc Bar on first Wednesday of every month, VPJBB.
Zinc Bar, The “Our Father Who Art Blakey” aka VPJBB is now at it’s new “Home”, the Zinc Bar – (212) 477-9462, 82 W 3rd St, New York, NY, Zinc Bar NYC Web Site ( ). Sets at 8:00, 10:00 and 11:30 (jam session)

Every Sat. − Teaching Jazz for Teens Wachovia, NJPAC, Newark, NJ

– – – – – – Previously: 2013
January 2 – Zinc Bar, VPJBB
February – Hawaii
February – Zinc Bar, VPJBB
March – Zinc Bar, VPJBB
April – Zinc Bar, VPJBB
July 31-Aug 5 – Sochi, Russia at Jazz Festival
August 9 – Fat Cat, New York
August 18-25 – Edinburg, Scotland Jazz Bar
September – Zinc Bar, VPJBB
October 9 – Worldwide Celebration of Art Blakey’s Birthday with the VPJBB, a.k.a. Our Father Who Art Blakey, Zinc Bar 82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan) Greenwich Village New York NY 10012 tel. 212-477-ZINC (9462). Tons of special guests
November – Zinc Bar, VPJBB
December – Zinc Bar, VPJBB

– – – – – – Previously: 2012
January 3 – Zinc Bar housewarming with guest BENNY GOLSON !
January 4-9, 2012 − Montevido, Uruguay − Uruguay Jazz Festival
February 1 – Zinc Bar
February 19 − Hunter College, NYC (with film)
March 7 − Zinc Bar VPJBB, featuring PHILLIP HARPER. “The most brilliant trumpeter to play with Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers since Freddie Hubbard”
March 10, Cleopatra’s Needle with Allen Rosenthal.  8:00
March 22, Fat Cat, VP sextet from 1:30 am to 4:00 am
March 29,  Zinc Bar from 8:00 to 9:00
April 4, Zinc Bar 82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan) Greenwich Village New York NY. Sets at 8:00, 10:00, 11:30
April, Fat Cat from 10:30 pm to 1:00 am
May 2, Zinc Bar, with Special Guest
June 6, Zinc Bar
July 7, Tappan, NY with Mark Heyman
July 19, Harrisburg Riverboat with Lee Swartz
July 20, Hilton with Steve Rudolph, Harrisburg
July 22, Caton Castle, Baltimore – CATON CASTLE  20 South Caton Ave. 21229
July 23, Pratt Library, Baltimore – book signing / movie
July 25, Emerald Restaurant, Queens
August 1, Zinc Bar
August 19-26, Edinburgh, Scotland
September 5, Zinc Bar
October 27-30 City of Tomsk in Siberia, Russia
December 12 Tappen
December 17 Sochi, Russia
December, St.Peterburg
December, Moscow

– – – – – – Previously: 2011
January 6-30 – Aloha! – Hawaiian tour
February 1 − Iridium, NYC
March 13-25 − Moscow
April 9-17 − Zurich, Switzerland – A Tribute To Art Blakey
April 24 − TACT Theater, NYC May 26-29 − Los Angeles
June 6 − VPJBB at The Garage, NYC June 19  − VPJBB at Trumpets, NJ
June 25 − Part of the Clifford Brown Festival in Wilmington, DE, with David Weiss, Terrell Stafford, Tom Harold
June 28 − VPJBB at Zinc Bar, 82 W 3rd St  (212 477-9462
July 16, 17 − Turino,  Italy
July 28 − Valery Ponomarev Quintet at Fat Cat (
August 5-20 − Russia Aug 18 Valery Ponomarev and his Moscow Messengers Big Band at the “Live Pub”, 20 Fridrikh Engels Street
August 19at the Hermitage Garden with a sextet of Moscow virtuosos
August − Russian Pop for kids
August 21-30 Edinburgh, Scotland
September 12 − Valery Ponomarev Big Band at Dizzy’s Coca-Cola Jazz At Lincoln Center
September 20 − VPJBB concert and showing of “Trumpeter from Russia,” Iridium, NYC
October 11 − 8pm   Celebrating Art Blakey’s Birthday at Zinc Bar. Art Blakey’s Birthday and we are very happy to be in the very center of the World Wide Celebrations.
November 30 −Late set quintet at Fat Cat
December 12-20 −Kazan, Russia
December 21-24 −Moscow, Russia
December 25 − Veliki Novgorog, Russia


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